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The couple married back in 1993, when Mrs Akhmedova was just 21. The newlyweds moved to England and have enjoyed a lavish lifestyle ever since, living between properties and holiday homes worth millions of pounds all over the world. The couple’s Surrey home is believed to be worth £39 million, while Mr Akhmedov also purchased a £300 million super yacht from Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Battle over £900 million fortune

The couple, who have two children together, separated in 2014 after 20 years of marriage. Since then, a battle over the extensive and expensive assets in the case has been waged in the UK divorce courts.

The Mail Online reports that the case has been characterised by Mr Akhmedov’s determination to conceal the true extent of his wealth. When ruling on the case, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave described the Russian businessman in this way:

“He has displayed a cavalier attitude to these proceedings and a naked determination to hinder or prevent the enforcement of his ex-wife's claim,”

Two years ago, Mr Akhmedov’s assets worldwide were frozen while his ex-wife demanded that the courts force the businessman to disclose vital information about the full extent of his private affairs. Mr Akhmedov’s lawyer was instrumental in revealing the information and was ordered not to “tip off” his client about the freezing of his assets. Among the new assets disclosed was an art collection worth more than £90 million that the businessman had allegedly tried to hide, as well as millions of pounds of assets in Panama.

New settlement awarded

Solicitors for Tatiana Akhmedova said that thus far in the case, their client had only received trinkets and “some de minimis assets in the UK”. The Court of Appeal has now awarded her £453,675,152, as well as the aforementioned £90 million art collection. She also received the contents of the couple’s former home, believed to be worth around £2.5 million, and her ex-husband’s £350,000 Aston Martin.

Needless to say, the Russian businessman is far from happy about the outcome of the case. Speaking to the press, he said:

“The British courts should never have sought to interfere in a former marriage which took place in Russia, between two Russian citizens and which had long been dissolved in that country with generous provision for my ex-wife.

“In seeking a new settlement of that marriage both my ex-wife, for whose lavish lifestyle I have always provided, used the British courts in an opportunistic bid for financial gain.”

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