But there are some situations where no agreement, compromise or resolution can be reached. It could be a dispute over money, assets or ongoing support, or for family arrangements such as how much time children will spend with each parent.


In these circumstances, there may be no choice but to go to court. Your divorce solicitor will be crucial in helping you prepare for any court hearings, but there are also things you can do to ready yourself.


Here are out top tips from Wirral divorce lawyer Tracey Miller Family Law:


1.  Ask your solicitor to talk you through what will happen


The more you know about the upcoming proceedings and what to expect, the better prepared you’ll be. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. It’s normal to be nervous, especially if you haven’t been to court before. Armed with lots of information and the backing of your legal team, you’ll be much calmer and ready for the first hearing.


2. Have all of your documents and information ready


This is another thing your legal team will help you with, but you also need to do some preparation work to ensure that you know your case inside out.


Try to anticipate the kinds of questions you’ll be asked and have all the details ready. This includes income and employment details, or information relating to family matters. It can be useful to take notes with you. You should also back up everything with evidence (i.e. bank statements as proof of earnings and outgoings).


The more organised you can be, the better.


3. Be on time


It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to miss an alarm or get stuck in traffic. Put the hearing date in your calendar, set more than one reminder and give yourself plenty of time to get there.


It’s much better to arrive too early and sit waiting calmly with a coffee than to arrive late and flustered.


4. Make a good first impression


Aim to dress smartly, be polite and turn off your phone. These are all good ways to make a positive first impression (or to avoid making a negative one).


5. Prepare for virtual court hearings


Your preparation for a virtual rather than in-person court hearings will be much different. Here’s a quick checklist of things to do:


  • Test out your internet connection, laptop, camera and the virtual meeting software in advance
  • Find a quiet room where you’re unlikely to be disturbed – tell other family members in advance, or put a sign on the door
  • If possible, arrange for children to be looked after during the hearing
  • Take care with your physical appearance, just look like you would for an in-person hearing.


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