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In what has been described as the biggest celebrity divorce of 2016, the press first reported that Heard, 30, had filed for divorce back in May. The high-profile couple had been married for 15 months, after first meeting on the set of The Rum Diary.

There are many different issues in this case which will need to be resolved before the Heard/Depp divorce finally drops out of the spotlight. Liverpool divorce solicitors Tracey Miller examine the twists and turns in the case so far…

Domestic abuse claim and restraining order

The most sensational and well-reported detail of the Heard/Depp divorce so far is the accusation by the actress that Depp had abused her throughout their marriage. Numerous pictures have surfaced, having been submitted as part of court documents, of Heard with bruising and other injuries to her face. The accusations so far include an altercation at Heard’s birthday party, and Depp throwing a smartphone at the actress’ face.

These claims have pushed a restraining order against Depp to be pushed to the top of the agenda in the case, only after which the financial aspects of it can be settled.

Spousal support

In the original divorce papers filed by Heard, she was alleged to have requested temporary spousal support from her ex. This could have amounted to around $1 million a month if a court had ordered it, based on Depp’s 2015 salary of nearly $30 million.

The latest development

In the news at the moment is a new development in the case, in which Heard has withdrawn her claim for spousal support. According to reports, she feels that the financial claim is an unwanted distraction from the real issues at the heart of the case. In the legal papers, she reportedly stated that the monetary side of the case is “being used against me to distract and divert the public away from the very serious real issue of domestic violence."

Heard also claims that she only applied for spousal support as she believed it was a customary step when filing for divorce, which demonstrates the importance of sound legal advice in such cases. However, the withdrawal of the spousal support claim does not necessarily mean that Depp won’t be subject to a similar claim in the future. In the legal documents, Heard reserves the right to request financial support from her former spouse once the issue of the restraining order has been settled to the satisfaction of all parties.

If you are going through a complicated divorce case, or you anticipate lots of complications in the months to come, you will need a legal expert with vast experience in divorce on your side. Contact the team at Tracey Miller, leading divorce solicitors in Liverpool, for expert advice.