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Blythe Brown is suing her author ex-husband over a divorce agreement made in 2019. In claims that are likely to make the divorce very high profile indeed, Blythe accuses Brown of a “systematic pattern of deception and lies”.

The first allegation is that during divorce proceedings, Brown lied when he declared that he didn’t have any new projects in the works. Blythe claims to have discovered that among other projects, he was actually working on a new TV series with NBC called Langdon, based on the Robert Langdon book series. The lawsuit states:

“Dan stands to make millions from these projects, which is undoubtedly why he hid them from Blythe,”

In a statement to, the author gave his own view of the matter:

“As part of the settlement agreement we reached, all of our assets as of that date were listed in writing. That document became part of the signed decree when we divorced in 2019. I swore to the truthfulness of what was contained on that list, and I stand by that financial statement today.”

An affair, a prize-winning horse and “secretly siphoned funds”

It’s at this point that the allegations made in the Blythe Brown lawsuit become rather less usual. The illustrator and writer claims that Brown used their money to buy expensive gifts for women he was having adulterous affairs with.

One of the alleged affairs was with his wife’s horse trainer, for whom he is said to have paid $345,000 for a prize-winning horse named ‘LimiTed Edition’. Other alleged gifts included a car, two-horse transport truck and renovations for the trainer’s home back in Holland.

In an emotive statement to, Blythe said:

“I trusted this man for decades as my life’s love. We worked so hard together, struggling to build something meaningful… I don’t recognize the man that Dan has become. It is time to reveal his deceit and betrayal. After so much pain, it is time for truth. It is time to right these wrongs.”

Speaking to the same publication, Brown issued this short statement:

“On the day that Blythe and I married, I never remotely thought that we eventually would grow so far apart.”

Watch this space for the latest developments in this rather unusual divorce case, as there are likely to many twists and turns to come.

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