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However, if you’re about to go through the process, it can be extremely helpful to clue up on some of the essential lessons that can make each step a little easier. Bear the following in mind to avoid costly divorce mistakes, to be clear on what you really want and of course, to make the process far less stressful…

Lesson 1 – Find a lawyer who suits your personality. Yes, you need a specialist in divorce law in the UK, with all the experience and knowledge that goes with it. However, you also need someone with whom you can communicate properly, to explain what you really want. Your lawyer should be on your team, aiming for the same outcome as you. So, if you want to go all out for as much money as possible, regardless of consequences, a solicitor with an aggressive approach is the one to choose. But if you want to avoid major falling out, a solicitor with a more sensitive approach can help to keep proceedings civil.

Lesson 2 – Children come first. All divorcing couples with children have this mantra in the forefront of their minds when starting divorce proceedings, but it can easily be forgotten as things get heated or more complicated. Before you take any step or make any decision, consider whether it’s the best choice for the children. And never make your children choose between you – the best approach is to talk everything over with them and your ex-spouse, answering their questions and talking openly and honestly about what’s happening.

Lesson 3 – Think about what really matters to you, and what you can compromise on. The job of divorce lawyers such as Tracey Miller, solicitors in the Liverpool area, often involves negotiating over assets and encouraging both sides to compromise. If you can let go of childish concerns of ‘winning’ in the divorce (and your former partner can too) and you’re willing to compromise in some areas that aren’t so important to you, the process will be a lot easier and far less painful for all involved.

Lesson 4 – The courts should always be a last resort. Believe it or not, your case doesn’t immediately go before a judge once your papers are filed. If you can be reasonable in your demands and consider other options first, you can avoid expensive legal fees and have the whole thing over and done with much more quickly. For example, you can use mediation and collaborative family law proceedings to thrash things out with your partner and respective solicitors without ever seeing a courtroom.

For more essential lessons to help you survive the divorce process, the Guardian website has some very useful tips. If you’d like help from an expert, family solicitors in Liverpool Tracey Miller can offer practical, friendly advice on all aspects of divorce and family law.