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After decades of experience dealing with divorce cases, our team here at Tracey Miller believe that yes – it is possible to have a ‘friendly’ divorce. Here are our top tips to help you move in the right direction and to make the process smoother…

Manage your expectations and be realistic

It’s a good idea to speak to one of our Wirral divorce lawyers about what to expect from the divorce process, and what to expect in terms of what you may be entitled to. Disappointed expectations in relation to money and children can be one of the turning points in divorce, where a case that is proceeding amicably can suddenly turn nasty. Our team provide honest, realistic advice, to help you manage your own expectations from the very start.

Be patient and don’t rush the process

It can sometimes feel like the process is taking forever, when you are very keen to close the door on this difficult chapter in your life and move on. If you are the one who petitioned for divorce, you’ll inevitably spend some time waiting for responses from your former partner. It’s so important to be patient and not try to rush things. As Jo Edwards, former Chair of Resolution, puts it in a recent ITV programme on the topic:

“The most acrimonious divorces tend to be those where one or both spouses aren’t emotionally ready. Therapy can be a useful way to discuss and understand why the relationship ended, which tends to make the legal process smoother.”

Is divorce absolutely what you want?

If both sides agree that all possible methods for saving the relationship – from counselling to couples’ therapy – have been tried, then it’s easier to accept that the marriage really is over. Being 100% sure that divorce is what you want can make the process easier and more likely to be amicable.

Prioritise children’s needs

Focusing on what’s best for your children can help you to avoid bad feeling and arguments during a divorce, and to smooth the way for a more amicable resolution that works best for the whole family.

Be open to compromise

For some, this is the most important tip to remember when it comes to making divorce easier. While your divorce lawyer will help you to fight for what you’re entitled to and protect your rights, an entrenched, immovable position will only delay things and cause acrimony.

For sensitive, pragmatic and realistic advice on divorce, you can count on experienced Wirral divorce lawyer Tracey Miller Family Law. Please get in touch for a chat about your circumstances.