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Pamela Anderson files for second divorce from Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from husband, Rick Salomon, for the second time. Reports have emerged that the 47-year-old actress and model has filed to divorce her husband, whom she married for the second time just six months ago.

Anderson first married Salomon in 2007. The couple divorced two months' later in 2008. In January 2014 the Baywatch actress was spotted wearing a sizeable ring on her finger and told reporters said she had "retied the marital knot” and that she was "very happy”.

When the news of her desire to divorce from Salomon for the second time went public, Anderson posted a photo of herself on her Facebook page with the caption 'Hope' written underneath.

Reasons for the divorce unknown

The documents filed to the Superior Court of Los Angeles were leaked to the press. Asides asking for a dissolution of marriage, the document includes a note in the property section, which reads:

"The nature and extent of separate property assets and debts are unknown to Petitioner at the time. Petitioner asks leave of court to amend this Petition when same is ascertained".

Details of the reason behind the split have not been disclosed.

Ms Anderson's fourth marriage

Rick Salomon is a TV producer who is also well-known for his penchant for playing Poker. News also recently emerged that Salomon recently won $2.8 million in the World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop. It is however uncertain whether Pamela Anderson, under community property laws, will be entitled to any of the money, unless there was a prenup.

This was the actress's fourth marriage. As well as her two marriages to Rick Salomon, Anderson was married to Tommy Lee in 1995, which lasted three years. In 2006 the celebrity was wed to Kid Rock, only to be divorced in 2007.

Celebrity culture of divorce

In a report titles 'Hello? Goodbye! Marriage and divorce among celebrities,' it was revealed that celebrities are twice as likely to divorce as the rest of the married UK population. The report was compiled by The Marriage Foundation, an organisation that champions long-lasting, stable relationships within marriage. The report was written by relationship expert Harry Benson and family law barrister Rehna Azim. It looked at 572 well-known celebrity couples who have married since 2000. The findings show that following ten years' of marriage, divorce rates among celebrities are 40% higher than amongst non-celebrity couples.

Unrealistic expectations about marriage?

It argues that celebrity culture, which is absorbed from magazines such as Hello, provides us with 'fairy-tale' and unrealistic expectations about marriage and relationships.

"The glamour of celebrity wedding is a poor indicator of future marital success", states the report.

Sir Paul Coleridge, The Marriage Foundation founder, spoke of the most worrying part of the report's statistics being:

"The picture they [the statistics] paint to those who regard the celebrity lifestyle as something to be admired and copied for its own sake. These are, after all, the role models upon which many, especially young people, fashion their lives. Aspiration for happiness built on celebrity lifestyle is, it seems, dangerously flawed".

What are your thoughts on celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson, patterns of marriage and divorce? Do you agree with Sir Paul Coleridge and believe celebrities are setting a bad example to others when it comes to relationships and marriage? We'd love to know your thoughts.

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