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The #ParentsPromise campaign is spearheaded by the Positive Parenting Alliance (PPP), a group of organisations including Relate, Only Mums & Dads, National Children’s Day UK, Black Mums Upfront, Action for Happiness and Two Wishes. The Alliance campaigns for a more child-focused society, which includes giving children the most positive experience possible during parental divorce.

According to a study by the Family Solutions Group, around 280,000 children a year experience separation. And in one in three cases, family law courts are asked to resolve child arrangements.

Further research suggests that the process is failing a lot of these children, with ‘ongoing family tensions’ named as the cause of mental health issues for 67% of children referred to counselling.

The Positive Parenting Alliance and its new #ParentsPromise campaign aims to reduce the detrimental effects of divorce and separation on children. Its website states:

“For children, whilst separation will bring inevitable feelings of loss and change, they can still thrive if their parents work in partnership to create the right conditions.  We know that children are more likely to adapt with fewer problems, and less emotional distress, when parents are able to part with compassion and continue to work together in partnership even when they are not together.”

What is the #ParentsPromise?

The #ParentsPromise is a pledge from parents to their children, promising to always put their needs first – even if they should separate as a couple. Those signing the pledge commit to the following:

·        Recognising that the child has a need for a relationship with both parents and their wider family, so they’ll never be asked to choose between parents.

·        Being respectful to each other, never hurting or telling lies about each other, all in the name of loving the child and keeping them safe

·        Working together in a partnership to create the best conditions for the child to thrive.

The promise is designed to raise awareness of the PPP’s campaign, which has wider aims. These are to create a culture where children thrive when parents separate, and to make family wellbeing central to the conduct of government, the workplace and organisations. The campaign also calls for an evidence-based approach to family breakdown, so that the detrimental impact of divorce on children can be better understood. 

The founder of the PPP, James Hayhurst, explained that most couples haven’t had a conversation about what would happen if they should split up. While the reasons behind this are understandable, these discussions really are crucial – and are most productive while a couple are still on good terms. He said:

“The ask is simple: open a dialogue with your partner when you are still in love - not at the point of a relationship breakdown – and make a commitment together to put your child first, whatever happens.

In doing so, we hope to drive positive behavioural change whereby thousands of couples and their children, will be protected from the devastating, and often avoidable, impacts of an adversarial split."

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