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To hopefully make it quicker and easier to reach a financial agreement with your ex, here are the five key things to think about:

1. Be completely honest when assessing your assets

Honesty is absolutely the best policy when coming up with an arrangement to split your assets. Dont try to hide anything, as you could be breaking the law if you fail to disclose relevant property or savings.

You should also be honest when working out how much youll need to live on after the divorce. Take the time to work out your potential living costs in detail, so you know what you need to get out of the divorce settlement. Get it wrong, and you could be in real financial difficulties later on.

2. Debts are just as important as assets

While you and your ex are talking about how to split your assets, you should also think about who will be responsible for any debts. Matrimonial debts may include credit cards, loans, mortgages and credit cards. When you separate, youll need to share the responsibility for these debts.

3. Factor in divorce expenses

When totting up your assets and discussing financial settlements, its easy to forget about the costs of divorce itself. Youll both have legal and other fees to pay, especially if your case ends up in court. These expenses can eat into your savings or affect other financial arrangements.

4. Dont forget about pensions and tax

Pensions are perhaps your biggest financial asset after the family home. Despite this, so many separating couples forget to talk about them when discussing a financial settlement. Speak to the Pensions Advisory Service for free advice, or consult your divorce lawyer for the best way to split pensions fairly. Youll have lots of options, and some can be quite complicated to understand without expert guidance.

Divorce can also have tax consequences, especially when it comes to dividing pensions. Again, youll need to seek specialist advice from a financial advisor or accountant to understand the best options for you.

5. Get advice you can trust

Your divorce solicitor isnt just there to file the paperwork and give you legal advice. They can also be enormously helpful when it comes to financial matters. Your solicitor can help you with assessing your assets, negotiating with your ex and working out what youre entitled to. They can recommend the best financial arrangements now, and for the future.

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