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Children FAQs

What happens to the children?

Generally most parents are able to work out an amicable arrangement which puts the needs of the children first, this may include where and with whom they live, when and who they see etc

At TMFL we would always encourage parents to find an amicable and workable solution which is in the children's best interest.

What happens if the parents can't reach an arrangement?

If this is the case, and the solicitors cannot reach a suitable compromise agreed by both parties, then the family courts will become involved. A judge in a family court will always look to the best interests of the children involved. It can become an extremely costly exercise, and it is much better for the children if the parents are able to sort things out between themselves.

Our efforts would be focussed on trying to reach a compromise with the other parent while always putting our client and the children's needs first.

Do the children have any say?

Section 1(3)a of the Children Act 1989 states that the Court has regard to " the ascertainable wishes and feelings of the child concerned ( considered in the light of his age and understanding)".

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